Friday, June 20, 2008

A Study in Red

I thought a photo study of the laziest dog in the world was in order. He did sit up for a second to see what I might be taking photos of but I did not hold his interest for very long.


  1. I love .all. of them. Excellent work Robin. Those are the kind of things that sell.....hint.

  2. I thought all greyhounds came with only two speeds - ON and OFF. Does Red not have an ON?

  3. Red does have an ON. If we are working, he'll stick with me for as long as I want to work - if it isn't hot. HOWEVER, He is very clear that he is all about the working for a click to earn his treats.

    He *loves* agility class and works until he gets too hot and will work again after he cools down.

    Red will also run like crazy for about 5 minutes twice a day, rain, shine or snow. And I can get him revved up to run in the yard between that. He also will play toss and pounce with a toy for a few minutes a couple times a day.

    In the early mornings I take the dogs to run. Red chases and brings back a tennis ball for about 20 reps and then goes to lie down in any bit of shade he can find while Blue and I play fetch for another 45 minutes or so. (Blue is ball addicted.)

  4. Joey is as lazy as Red. Easily. I just got an italian charm made for him--it says "couch spud and proud of it"