Saturday, June 7, 2008

@#$% Rabbits - The Movie

Notice Red's signs of arousal?

How can I Premack bunnies?

He watched for a long time before he started barking. Blue never did join in. Red came to me a couple of times - on his own instead of locking and loading on the rabbit family. And when he started barking, I turned the camera off and called him in to the house. He came right away.


  1. *g* Until they moved, the bunnies looked just like garden ornaments.

    - lb

  2. That was amazing restraint, I think.

    I'm not sure you can premack a bunny ... can you? ... since the dog can't actually "get" the bunny or even chase the bunny.

    You might be able to trade looking at the bunnies for some behavior you want, though.

    We premack squirrels, where I let Lilly hop around at the base of trees, but I know that she can't really reach them.

    So far this spring (the we know of), Lilly has only killed one baby bunny.

    I was working in the green house and heard it scream. I said DROP IT, and she did, but the damage was already done. Very sad.