Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clicker Bird Training

I was looking at bird clicker training videos to give me some ideas for working with the birds at work. Holly and Jane have inspired me to work with some animal that is NOT a dog with the clicker.

Check this video out.

I just want to train the birds at work to stop trying to bite me! Anything else would be extra!


  1. What would be an alternate behavior to teach them? ;-D

    Cute video! Do you suppose the thumb gesture is the cue? In that case, I wonder if it might be a distraction at this point. I'd like to see the hand held still for now and then add a cue later when the behavior is more reliable.

    What a fun way to keep a bird (and owner) entertained!


  2. welllllll......you could teach them to go to a station I suppose. Or, lets see.....step up on the far end of a stick but that isn't really an incompatible behavior.

    generally birds bite for the same reason dogs bite, either they have been trained to by accident or they have been frightened. And as with any species, the bad stuff sticks much easier than the good stuff!