Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Those Puppies OUT

New pups, at the low end need, to meet about 100 new people before it is 16 weeks old.

Here is a list to get you started.

An infant held by an adult

An infant in a car seat

A toddler in a car seat

An toddler held by an adult

Girls, between 2 & 6

Boys, between 2 & 6

A small group of kids between 2 & 6 (no more than 5)

Calm girls, 7 or older

Boisterous girls, 7 or older

Calm boys, 7 or older

Boisterous boys, 7 or older

A small group of kids 7 or older (no more than 5)

Calm girls, 12 or older

Boisterous girls, 12 or older

Calm boys, 12 or older

Boisterous boys, 12 or older

A small group of kids 12 or older (no more than 5)

A small group of kids playing with a ball

A man with a beard or mustache

You in a hat

You in sunglasses

You with a bike

You on rollerblades

You on a skateboard

You in a wheelchair

You with an exaggerated gait

You using crutches or a cane

A friendly stranger in a hat

A friendly stranger in sunglasses

A person with a bike

A person on rollerblades

A person on a skateboard

A person in a wheelchair

A person with an exaggerated gait

A person using crutches or a cane

A woman and a man whose skin color is radically different from yours

A person in uniform

You carrying packages

A person driving a truck

A person carrying packages

You wearing a flowing skirt or dress or wrapped in a sheet

A person wearing a flowing skirt or dress

A stroller

A balloon

An umbrella

A camera (obscuring a person's face)

Musical instruments

An automatic door

A mirror

A bus (loading/unloading passengers)

An 18-wheeler (you can often find these parked behind grocery stores)

A grocery cart moving past you and your dog

Walking between two parked cars

A vet's office (enter, give a treat & leave)

A cat with attitude

An older, well-socialized dog (meeting off leash in a neutral, safe environment)

A pet store

Lift the dog up onto a table-like surface

"Brush" the dog's gums with your thumb

Gently separate & hold each toe

Flapping movement, e.g., a flag or shaking out a towel

A sudden soft noise like a magazine dropping

A sudden scary noise, such as a pan dropping (use a helper so the dog doesn't associate this with you)

A bath

A lawn mower

A sprinkler

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