Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue's Halloween

Blue was NOT an angel today. She started out pretty well. Every time the door bell rang, I sent the dogs to their mats and rained cat kibble on them. They sucked up the treats while I answered the door and passed out candy.

Red and Blue would bark a couple of times as they headed for their mats.

And then THIS came to the door.

Poor Blue lost her mind. Not even roast lamb would get her attention. All the hair was up on her back and she was using her "I mean business" bark.

So I asked the kid to wait a minute and put Blue in the kitchen out of sight of the door with a raw meaty bone. She calmed right down when she could not see the four foot tall monster at the door.

She didn't even bark later when the door bell rang to announce even more mini monsters. I know it was only because she could not see them.


  1. well I don't blame her! It's her job to protect the family and obviously that monster was gonna getcha!

  2. I'm in agreement with Blue. That was a scaaaaaaaaary monster!