Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tag Teaching

Here is a collection of videos that show TAG or clicker training people.

Tagging (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) is clicking for people.
The website says TAGteach is a new way of teaching using positive
reinforcement with a click sound marker to identify successful
performance. We all know there is nothing new about using a clicker.

A tag point is what you are clicking the the person for. I click my
seven year old for various things, but unlike Red and Blue - my dogs -, I tell her what I am
clicking her for - and I don't give her a treat. She works to make me click her. We started out with me passing out M&M but it interrupted the flow. Then I went to me dropping an M&M in to a cup to give to her later and she was not interested in having them. She just wanted to keep

So teacher give their student a string of beads and the student moves a bead from one end of the string to the other.

In my dog training classes I'll give the student a tag point like
Still hands or Treat for position after explaining what I'd like the
person to work on and say their name as the click (since I have four
students at a time in class and all will have different tag points.)

Adult clicker trainers tend to resist being clicked (treated like a
dog) which is why I use a verbal, and use praise instead of a cookie
or a ball toss. ;-)

Look at these videos. WARNING they are using clickers for people. It
drives my dogs crazy. YMMV

I also have been using it (with a clicker) with my seven year old's basketball
team. I worked one on one with each kid and a parent teaching the
parent to tag their kid to improve their drilling skills and footwork. The girls
have gotten very good. If the season was longer and we did not have so
much to cover, I'd get the kids tagging each other.

Also read this article about TAGing teenage dog trainers.

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