Thursday, April 2, 2009


I took these photos in May 2007 at an outdoor agility trial in Savage, MN. I went to practice shooting movement. But a dog jumping looks like every other dog jumping. I like to find interaction between people and their dogs as well as dogs in action. I take photos (or video) at every dog event I can attend.


  1. What cool shots! But what's that green stuff on the ground? And where are the overcoats?

  2. I like the brindle dog, and the springer or beardie or whatever is jumping beside the owner. very nice! I'll have to try and get to some dog events in between the horse stuff.

  3. The three dogs jumping don't look "the same" to me. The Pyr Shep [first photo/shaggy dog] jumping 20" displays an understanding and confidence in his job. The Visela [second photo/smooth red dog with tongue out] jumping 16" had trouble getting over the jump. There could e may reasons for the trouble, from current physical problems to lack of education to baggage from previous pain. Both dogs are about the same height and weight. The Sheltie jumping 16" is also confident in what s/he is doing.
    Lynnda L